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Essential Intent

The essential intent of the School District of the Chathams is to divine and develop the gifts within each child.

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The new contract in its entirety will be posted later this fall.  The following language changes have been negotiated into the new contract (2016-2019):



  •  2.75% increase, inclusive of increment, to the salary guide in each year of agreement

  •  $50,000 improvement to teachers’ salary guide in Year One of agreement 

Support Staff:

  • 2.75% increase, inclusive of increment, to the salary guide in each year of agreement



Health Insurance Waiver

Staff members eligible for health insurance who agree to waive the coverage for which they are  eligible shall receive a cash incentive according to the following schedule:


           Plan Type                               Year One        Year Two        Year Three

Individual                                 $1,000             $800                $800

Individual and Child(ren)         $1,750             $1,400             $1,400

Individual and Partner             $1,750             $1,400             $1,400

Family                                      $2,125             $1,700             $1,700

  • The above schedule represents a reduction in the waiver amount provided in the 2015/2016 school  year by 50% in Year One, 60% in Year Two, and 60% in Year Three. 

  • There is pending legislation to eliminate the waiver entirely.

Health Insurance Coverage

The Board  will  provide  all  employees  with  the  option  of medical  insurance  benefits  equivalent  to  the  (POS) Aetna Managed Choice plan or the (HDHP) Aetna Managed Choice Open Access plan.  For each  employee selecting  the (HDHP) Aetna Managed Choice Open Access  plan,  the Board will  establish  a  Health Savings Account (HSA) and contribute an incentive amount in the account, on an annual basis,  according to the following schedule:

           Plan Type                                Deposit Amount

Individual                                 $1,000

Individual and Child(ren)         $2,000

Individual and Partner             $2,000

Family                                      $2,000  

The Board will  provide  all  employees with the  option  of  enrolling in the (PPO­High) Aetna Managed  Choice  Open  Access  plan  or  the  (PPO­Low)  Aetna  Managed  Choice  Open  Access  Plan.  The  cost  difference between the (POS) Aetna Managed Choice plan and the PPO High or Low plan shall be borne  solely by the employee, with the following exception: Employees in the District as of December 31, 1997  (“pre ‘98”) and presently  enrolled in  either the Horizon BC/BS Traditional  or the PPO plan  during the  2015/2016  school year

  • may enroll in either one of the PPO plans at the Board’s expense for the 2016/2017 school  year  only

  • shall  also  receive  a  one­time  non­-pensionable  payment  incentive

    • $1000  if  enrolled  in  single  coverage

    • $2000 if enrolled in (i) Individual with Children; (ii)  Individual with Partner; or (iii) Family coverage. 


Beginning the 2017/2018 school year, all employees will be required to “pay up” to a plan other than POS.



1% increase in each year of the agreement.


 Work Year

The work year shall be comprised of a maximum of 187 (formerly 188) days, inclusive of a maximum of 184 (formerly 185) student  days.  Unused snow days shall be returned in May or June of each year.

Work Day

The length of school day shall remain the same for all schools except the Middle School, which will increase by 8 minutes to 6 hours and 45 minutes.

  • The eight ­minute increase in the school day in Grades 6-­8 shall lengthen the lunch periods of students  and teachers, and not increase the instructional time during the school day. 

  • Every effort will be made to divide the increase between the beginning of the day and the end of the day.

Workday and Assignment

Paraprofessional staff may work up to 29.5 hours without becoming eligible for health insurance benefits.  The 29.5 hours shall not include unpaid lunch periods.

Compensatory Days

Staff members who volunteer to chaperone overnight field trips shall be granted one earned compensatory  day for each night of the trip.  Earned compensatory days must be taken within one year of their issuance. Earned compensatory days will not count as sick days or personal days.

Part­ Time Teachers

Every effort shall be made to assign part ­time teachers a schedule that includes teaching assignments in either the morning or afternoon, without large gaps of time in between assignments. 

  • In the event that a  teacher has more than two periods between teaching assignments, the teacher shall be compensated for  each such instance at a rate equivalent to 1/180th of $12,000 or 1/180th of 20% of their salary, whichever is  less.

  • The  professional  responsibilities  of  part ­time  teachers,  such  as  attendance  at  faculty  and  department  meetings, shall be pro­rated in relation to the FTE of the staff member.

Teachers Assigned to Teach Six (6) Sections

Teachers in departments that may be assigned up to six (6) teaching sections shall not be assigned six (6) sections in an effort to reduce a colleague in the same department to teach fewer than five (5) sections.

Planning/Prep Time K­-5

Classroom teachers in grades K­-5 shall not be required to be present with their  classes during specials  time, which includes Design and Technology, Library­Media Center, Art, HPE, and Music.

Professional Meeting Time

Curriculum writing

  • may take place during professional meeting time, whether on Monday afternoons or  at other times during the regular work day.
  • shall not be assigned during any time outside of the professional work day.

  • shall be submitted at the conclusion of the professional meeting time or work day dedicated to such a purpose.  Curriculum writing is not to be completed during your own time.


Sick Bank

The Board  of Education shall  assemble  a  committee  to  establish  a  process  and  a set  of  guidelines,  in  accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:30­10 for the creation of a sick bank in accordance with applicable law.


Tuition Reimbursement Course Approval

New approval dates:

          Summer Sessions      April 15

          Fall Sessions               June 15

          Spring Sessions          December 15

New Dates to Submit Transcripts/Paperwork:

          June/Summer             September 15

          Fall                              January 15

          Spring                          June 15

Reimbursement will occur on a rolling basis upon submittal of paperwork (allow time for Board meeting), and no later than 45 days from  the date of submittal.



Extracurricular Stipends

          Grades K-3


  • “Assistant to the Principal”, .1--no longer needed because we have Security

  •  “I&RS”, .15--no longer needed because each building now has a counselor

  • “District Grade Level Leader”, .109

Create the following positions, all at  .6:

  • District Mathematics Team Leader (3)

  • District ELA Team Leader (3)

  • District Science Team Leader

  • District Social Studies Team Leader

Grades 4-5


Create the following positions, all at  .6

  • Math/Science Team Leader (2)

  • ELA Team Leader (2)

  • Social Studies Team Leader

Grades 6-8


Eliminate the “Team Leader” positions, create the following positions at .6:

  • Grade Level Leader (3)

  • Math Team Leader

  • ELA Team Leader

  • Science Team Leader

  • Social Studies Team Leader

  • Special Education Team Leader

Grades 9-12

Create the following positions at .6:

  • Special Education Team Leader

  • School Counseling Team Leader


Team leaders shall work in concert with supervisors or administrators in the development of budget, planning of professional meeting time, curriculum writing, professional development, and/or any other task to help support the district program. This work may include time outside of the school day and/or during the summer.





Essential Intent

The essential intent of the School District of the Chathams is to divine and develop the gifts within each child.

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